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'Your company far exceeded my expectations. Not only were you priced right but... everyone was so pleasant and professional. Thank you for helping me build my dream home!' -Susan Holmquist -Homeowner


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Welcome... to Foundation Specialists LLC. Your complete commercial and residential concrete contractor! We install all schedule-3 concrete. Here are some of our areas of expertise.

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Link to PT-Slab page featuring Foundation Specialists LLC Post Tension slab or PT-Slab in Suncadia Washington State
Our Post-Tension Slab experts are both Level-1 and Level-2 Certified Post Tensioning Institute Installers and Inspectors. We do PT-Slabs on grade as well as suspended. Bonded and un-bonded.

We offer very competitive pricing and prompt timely completion. Visit our PT-slab page for more information and to see pictures of recent installations.

Foundations is what we do. Custom foundations built on time and to the highest standards of quality. What about costs? We offer some of the lowest prices available. In business for Twenty three years you can count on us to deliver a firm foundation for your dream home. Call us today for your FREE estimate. Also visit our residential page for more information on our concrete foundation contractor services.. Foundation Specialists LLC Custom residential foundations and concrete flatwork
Foundation Specialists LLC Commercial Concrtete Schedule 3 work in Cascadia in Washington State
We do all Schedule 3 concrete installations. Footings, foundations, slabs, flatwork, suspended slabs, PT-Slabs, waterproofing, water detention vaults, and more. We have over three hundred years of combined concrete experience. We have experienced estimators who offer you the lowest price, and we won't hit you with a barrage of extras or missed items. Our project managers communicate with you, your superintendents, and other trades to keep the job running smoothly. We keep to your schedule and complete projects on time. Check out our commercial page for more information about our concrete contractor services and experience. Contact Tom Cook at for an estimate today!
We are experienced flatwork specialists, in fact we have been installing custom flatwork since 1986! So for your slab or driveway, put your trust in an expert. From large commercial slabs to custom stamped patios... We take care of details that others often miss... and when they miss those details you pay for it. From failed inspections to extra costs later. So go with the experts who get it right the first time! We are your concrete flatwork contractor.
Foundation Specialists LLC sample of custom concrete flatwork in Washington State
Image of custom retaining wall Foundation Specialists LLC in Washington State
We build custom retaining walls to fit your needs. From standard retaining walls for soils control to decorative custom retaining walls that both beautify and mold your landscaping area. We offer textured and colored walls as well as walls prepared for decorative stone or brick application. Call us today for your FREE estimate. Also visit our retaining wall page for more information.
Water detention vaults provide code required storm and drainage methods while allowing for minimal reduction in site usage. We are experienced in both cast-in-place and pre-cast concrete detention vaults. Check out our Detention Vaults page for more information. Contact Tom Cook at for an estimate today!
Water Detention Vault installation by Foundation Specialists in Washington State
Waterproofing on concrete foundation wall by Foundation Specialists in Washington State
Waterproofing can be vital to the long term stability of soils and prevents water penetration into your home or crawl space.
Our expert waterproofing technicians thoroughly apply the appropriate waterproofing product for your location. Providing a tough, impenetrable barrier to water. Visit our waterproofing page for more details.

Foundation Specialists LLC is your solution whatever your concrete contractor needs in the Seattle, Tacoma, Bellevue, Everett, Olympia areas may be. We offer fast FREE estimates. Drop an email to Randy Jensen at today or call us toll free at (253) 531-6745 in the South Puget Sound area. Thank you for your business.

Image of crew pouring slab for concrete flatwork installation Suncadia Washington State by Foundation Specialists LLC
See pictures of our Trailhead project

link to the specials page showing a custom residential foundation installed by Foundation Specialists LLC in Washington State
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